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Product Care

Our customers often want to know the best way to take care of and treat their boots. In an effort to help you, we have decided to publish a guide on taking care of your boots. 
Craftsmanship processes
This style has been created by using carefully-selected materials and high quality craftsmanship. Possible irregularities on the surfaces are the result of this process and consequently an expression of the uniqueness of every Boot, shoes, creation.
How to care your shoes
Please take individual care of each material:

Exotic Leather as well as Print Leather  is produced using genuine leather Impurities present on the patent can be effortlessly cleaned with a moist fabric. If the item is worn constantly with time the patent leather might lose its shiny characteristic. We suggest that items are stored in their dust bags when not being worn and evade contact with dim or intensely printed materials. Caution ought to be taken to prevent contact with alcohol or any sort of solvents.

In order to keep your shoes in good condition, the following general leather care is recommended : 
- Always store your products away from light and heat,
- Protect your leather good from rain and moisture,
- Store your products in the the dust bag provided, 
- Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.

Your boots should be cleaned on a regular basis, especially if you use them often. To clean your ostrich boots, always brush off any dirt or dust with a soft brush or damp cloth. After cleaning your ostrich leather boots, apply a thin layer of exotic leather conditioner and let it dry. Then, apply a polish and buff the polish with a soft cloth. Finally, use non-silicone water and stain protector for your boots.